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Go From Unsure, to Capable to Extraordinary In One Of The World’s Most Popular Martial Arts Style


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Everyone knows about Karate. It is highly regarded, incredibly popular and being taught by experts all over the world. This traditional Japanese art offers self-defence, fitness, mental skills, confidence, empowerment and more. So what makes our school stand out from the rest?

Our culture! Here at the Turnbull Academy, we are a family that has come together to learn and celebrate the traditions of Japanese Karate. The atmosphere in our dojo is warm and welcoming, our staff are friendly and supportive and each and every student is a valued member that makes Turnbull Academy the best martial art school in Belconnen.

Our Adult Martial Arts Karate program offers a whole body, all-round solution for you to reach your fitness goals and protect yourself and your loved ones.


Our program has been specifically designed to cover the Karate fundamentals with drills and exercises to help you:

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  • Lose weight through whole-body exercises that will keep you moving and working your body to become better and stronger
  • Improve your cardio fitness with our high-energy classes and aerobic workouts
  • Gain strength through conditioning exercises
  • Develop flexibility and agility through sparring and kicking drills
  • Maintain mental and physical wellness through a healthy lifestyle

​Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or a complete novice; our program offers a unique blend of fitness, strength training and self-defence.

Our Kyokushin Karate classes are taught by the most talented and passionate instructors and cover:

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  • Karate strikes, blocks and kicks with a focus on technique, control and strength
  • Proven self-defence techniques to help protect you and your family
  • Traditional Kyokushin katas and applications which test your focus, discipline and will
  • Kumite freestyle sparring which helps burn fat, improve your fitness and get you in fantastic shape

Kyokushin Karate is a great workout because it offers all of the above plus so much more including increased confidence, decreased stress levels and overall wellness. In fact, before you know it, not only will you be able to defend yourself and others, but you’ll see those extra pounds melt away and put on leaner muscle mass.

Join our class today and take the time out for yourself to learn something new, relieve the stresses of the day and make new friends who are on the same journey.

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So my youngest Sean asked about learning martial arts a while back , checked out a few classes in Judo , Wing Chun kung fu ( "it's too fast dad " ) & Akido , then by chance got to try Brazilian jujitsu & absolutely loves it! Good school & an excellent teacher. So we have another budding martial artist in the family. Now for a kid with high anxiety with autism this is a major goal of building his confidence.



I've always aspired to be a martial artist but never thought i could find a style to suit me fortunately i had a go and have never felt more welcome i look forward to my Aikido training every Monday and Friday...if only it was on more.



My two boys have just started a few weeks ago and they just love it. Mara is an amazing teacher and really engages the kids on their level. It’s great for their confidence and fitness. I’d recommend Turnbull to anyone.


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I was very impressed with the guys at Aikido and BJJ Beginners (although you could probably not get a different mix of people between the groups) friendly, welcoming and helpful without a hint of feeling put out by an uncoordinated, unfit out of shape wannabe such as myself, and Stephanie has been inspired somewhat by Mara that she has decided to start her journey with Kyokushin. Having stayed and watched Mara train the youngsters I really think you guys need to be recognised for your efforts in not just training in the mechanics of say karate, but working on the sense of justice, and community and leadership that I see Mara and the other young members of the leadership team each time I leave my boys in your care. The sit down talks Mara has with the kids I see as equally, if not more important than the physical aspects of any martial arts.


Yuki Divine


I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for welcoming me into your Roots family and being part of my crazy journey to my first MMA fight that happened on Saturday night.

I have absolutely loved training with you guys and I’m so lucky to have been able to learn jujitsu from fantastic teachers as well as train with super awesome people!

Benny and Mara, you have created a very special place at Turnbull Martial Arts and I am so grateful to have had the support of people like you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone’s kindness, encouragement and support.

P.S. I won my fight…YAY!


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